M163 Vulcan

Build Information

  • Manufacturer – Academy
  • Scale – 1:35
  • Vehicle – General Dynamics M163A1 Vulcan
  • Markings – 1st Battalion, 59th ADA, 8th ID in Germany, 1973
  • Paint – Vallejo
  • Aftermarket – Archer Fine Transfers

Quick Review

My dad was a gunner on the Vulcan in the 70s, and like most children, I wanted to be close to something that he did. I obviously couldn’t go back to the 70s, so building his track was the best thing I could think of.  This build represents him, taking a break, somewhere in the northern part of Germany in 1973.

This kit is difficult to find, but it is a pretty good representation of the Vulcan system.  Out of the box, it was a bit imposing – It has individual track links.  They were tedious, of course, but look accurate and fit well in the end.

The gun turret is a bit difficult to work with.  It fits, but getting it to go together is tricky.  The ammo belts are vinyl and can also be a pain to get down into the turret.  The gun itself looks a little wonky.  Right after finishing the build, I saw a brass replacement come out, which I would have liked to have used in place of the kit gun.

The Archer Fine Transfer markings worked wonderfully, though the ones I used were slightly too big for the unit markings.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this for beginners.  The individual tracks and tricky turret make this a challenging build.


More photos in better resolution at SmugMug


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