F/A-18C/D Miramar’s MAGTF Hornets #1


When the United States began their intervention in the Syrian civil war in 2014, one of the first units to deploy to the area was the Marine Corps’ Marine Air-Ground Task Force, which included F/A-18 squadrons VMFA-232 and VMFA(AW)-225.  Twobobs Aviation Graphics took note of these squadrons and came out with their decal set “F/A-18C/D Miramar’s MAGTF Hornets #1”, item 48-246,  in mid-2015.

Included in the set are markings and stencils for 2 full aircraft, with options for 4 different jets – the CO’s jet, and a line jet from both squadrons.

 photo APFFA18D165411tdLGB.jpg

VMFA(AW)-225 CO Jet


 photo 22279925755_784eb35005_b.jpg

VMFA-232 CO Jet

The instructions come on two glossy pages, breaking down the installation for each jet.  A very nice addition is the paint guide, giving the colors needed for each jet.  Included with the paint guide are the FS number and item number for four brands of paint.  Testors/Model Master, Humbrol, Gunze, and Xtracrylics are included in the chart.  Also included are markings and instructions for the LITENING pod.

The decals themselves come on two sheets.  The main sheet comprises of both VMFA(AW)-225 jets and the CO bird of VMFA-232.  The insert sheet has all the markings for the ‘Red Devils’ line jet.  Microscale Industries in the United States handled the printing and, as I’ve come to expect from Twobobs, the decals are super thin, allowing them to settle into every detail.

One thing to note, the tail markings for the Red Devils CO jet only include the white markings.  The vertical stabilizers will need to be painted red before adding the decals.

I’ve been using Twobobs decals for a while now, and these continue to follow the same quality path as the sets I’ve used previously.  If you’re looking to build a current Marine Corps legacy Hornet, I highly recommend these decals.

The set can be ordered directly from Twobobs here.


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