Big Cheese IV

Build Information

  • Manufacturer – Tamiya
  • Scale – 1:48
  • Aircraft – North American P-51D
  • Markings – Custom decals for Rev. Jeff Schock
  • Paint – Alclad, Vallejo, Model Master enamels
  • Aftermarket – Bare Metal Foil clear decal paper

Quick Review

Big Cheese IV was one of my favorite builds.  It was built for a former friend who was celebrating 25 years as the pastor of my old church.  He loved aviation and especially the Mustang.

The kit itself has been reviewed all over the place so I’m not going to delve really deep into it.  Tamiya’s Mustangs in quarter scale are, pretty much, the best in the business.  They’re simple, they fit, and they’re cheap.  This one was no different.

This was, though, the first build in which I made custom decals, each representing something in his life.  Kill markings were for his years of service, serial number was his anniversary date.  The squadron identifiers are the initials of his children.  The clear decal paper worked as advertised, though the yellow color wasn’t fully opaque.  I should have used white paper or painted the model surface white under the markings.

If you want to build a 48th scale Mustang, get this kit.  You won’t regret it.


More photos with better resolution at SmugMug

 photo fornet.jpg

 photo IMG_8744.jpg

 photo IMG_8757.jpg


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